Dani Locker

Camp Director

Hey, what's up?  I'd like to introduce myself.  You've probably figured out from those big letters up there that my name is Dani Locker and I'm the Camp Director.  Truth is, camp isn't just a job for me, it's my greatest passion... along with pickle juice.  That's also a big one.  Just sayin...
Anyway, I've been in the camp business for a long time, with nearly 15 years in an administrative capacity.  After spending 11 awesome summers in the original Camp Nageela in New York, I decided to spread the excitement to the left side of the USA, so here I am!  These past five summers in Nageela West have been a dream.
I love coming up with different inovative programming- the wackier and more unusual the better, and I love that as a small camp I have a personal connection with every camper who steps into Nageela West. I'm looking forward to meeting you, too :)
My amazing family (my wife Devorah, and our five children) and I live in Las Vegas where we do our best to pretend all year that it's still summer camp.

If you wanna get in touch with me, try  dlocker@nageelawest.org.


Yehuda Leiter

Head Counselor- Boys Camp

One thing that all Nageela West boys have in comon is that everybody loves Yehuda.

A talented camp counselor and role model. Yehuda builds meaningful connections and helps make Nageela a family.

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