What is Camp Nageela? 

Camp Nageela is a non- profit camp aimed at giving quality Jewish summer experiences to children.  Our goals are to keep our campers safe, give them a fun, friendly environment, and to provide a positive outlook to Judaism.  Camp Nageela has been around for over 30 years, but 2010 was our innaugural season in the West.  We build on that success as we return to for our fabulous tenth season in 2019.


Who is Nageela for?


NageelaWest is for any Jewish child between the ages of 9 and 15 who is interested in having an awesomely fun summer.  Campers come from all over the country, primarily from the Western states, and from a huge spectrum of backgrounds and schools.


What kind of activities will I participate in?

Just about everything. For example:  Basketball, hockey, archery, soccer, baseball, football, volleyball, swimming, diving dodgeball, hiking, camping, boating, horseback riding, arts and crafts, woodworking, paintball, drama, music, dance, team building activities, night activities, music videos, video games, archery, trips and much, much more. As a travel camp, we also take advantage of the great features of the West cast's cities and National Parks for great local trips.

We offer the following specialty program:

SOUL: Summer of Ur Life is our new and exciting teen program. It features unique leadership building and special trips and activities for teens entering 10th and 11th grades. 


What are the facilities like?

Starting in 2018, Camp Nageela West transitioned into a travel camp.  That means we get to see all the best parts of the West coast, includig National Parks, great cities and resort towns.  Each part of the travel program differs, so some nightd we'll be staying in vacation cabins, some nights in hotels, and for a couple of nights we'll even be camping!

Each location is selected for it's comfort and convenience to local attractions, and vetted for safety.


Do I need to know Hebrew?

Absolutely not.  The majority of Nageela campers have Sunday- school level Judaic education, or none.  No previous Jewish knowledge is necessary.


How much does it cost?

$3,600 is our total, all- inclusive price and includes everything.  We also have a number of incentives to make it even more affordable, including referral discounts.

The first week of registration (for the 2018 season, that's Nov 24th through Dec 3rd) there are additional incentives.  You can learn about registration week deals here.

If you sign up within regsitration week and get on an 8 month payment plan, it's just about $400 per month.

For first time campers, the 8 month payment plan price is approximately $285! 




Are there any outside financial incentives?

The Foundation for Jewish Camp, in partnership with a number of cities provides a first year campership grant to eligible families .  Currently four West Coast cities participate: Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Seattle. If you're a member of PJ Library, you're probably eligible for a grant through FJC as well.  Please visit onehappycamper.org for information.

Additionally, many local Jewish organization including the Jewish Federation in your city and many temples and synagogues offer camp scholarships.  Please contact your local organization.

Many of these programs have limited funding and  so it's important to apply early.

The Las Vegas Jewish Federation Scholarship application can be downloaded here.  The deadline for this scholarship application is March 31st


What type of communication will I have with my child during camp?

We want to be partners in your child's development, and we stay in regular contact with parents.  Camp counselors call parents to update them on your child's progress, and the Camp Director is always available to answer calls.  Calls are usually returned in minutes, rather than days.

Along with the majority of West Coast Jewish camps, campers do not have cell phone access while at camp.  This break from the addictive technology goes a long way to developing better social skills, tech non-dependence and general happiness.  We encourage campers to write letters home, and distribute parents' emails daily.

We also post pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures.  On our average day, we post more than 1,000 photos, and you can see your child happy and smiling, while knowing they're doing it as individuals, outside of the normal comfort zone of home.

You can get more detailed information by downloading our user manual, available on our downloads page.



What? You're not coed? Why not? 

Camp Nageela West is proud to be the only non- coed Jewish overnight camp on the West Coast    Summer camp is about children living away from the pressures of school, the city, and even family.  For adolescents and teens, few things are more stressful than gender mixing.  Kids at coed camps have to address questions of sex and sexual identity, and there is a near- constant pressure to look great, act funny or cool, and impress people.  Often, chidren feel pressured into relationships or encounters they're not comfortable with.  Or, quite frankly, the children might be comfortable with, but you as parents would not be.  We believe that children thrive in a single gender setting, free from sexual tension, particularly when said children attend coed schools or programs during the year.

Directors of coed camps have confided that it's also more difficult to ensure that staff members are focused on campers.  In a non coed camp, the staff members have far fewer distractions, and are able to focus laser- like on their young charges.


Who will be taking care of my children?

Ultimately, as a parent, this is your most important question.  Our staff members will set your mind at ease.  Here are some of the reasons we believe our staff is second to none:

  • Industry high staff to camper ratio. We boast a ratio of a staff member for every two campers.  We don't believe ANY other camp can make such a claim​​

  • Intense training.  Our Nageela staff training seminar is thorough and intense.  All staff members are trained in camper care, abuse detection and prevention, child development and camp culture.  Many Nageela staff members go on to lead distinguished careers in Jewish camping, education and lay leadership.

  • Vetting.  We do not attend hiring fairs.  We do not engage agencies to find foreign college students.  These are OUR CHILDREN!  Every Nageela staff member is personally acquainted with the camp administrators, or a friend of the camp administration members.  They're part of a personal network of highly trusted individuals.  We can do this because of our small size.

  • They're super fun!  Nageela staff members are  high energy, and high volume.  They're talented in many areas such as music, performing arts, computers, sports, extreme activities and pickle juice drinking.

  • Mission driven.  Nothing can compare with or replace meaningful dedication.  Our staff members, without exception harbor a passion for Jewish education and child development.  To these guys and girls, camp is not a job.  It's a calling.


What is your technology policy?

Technology and the internet have undoubtedly brought great access to information and communication.  Yet studes show that particularly in children and teens, exposure to two multiple hours of daily device usage is directly correlated to severely increased episodes in depression, and even suicide.  Many psychologists believe the reason for this is a decrease in face to face social interactions.  Tweens and teens increasingly feel 'left-out' or lonely, disconnected in a world where everyone is connected.

At Camp Nageela West, as well as many other camps, we believe that camp is the cure.  Pure, personal social interaction, without the distractions of screens.  Children come home from camp making eye contact more, being better able to read and respond appropriately to body language cues, and having developed independence from their digital prisons.  

We do not have a zero technology policy.  Camper stay bring iPods or game systems along, and we keep a careful watch on usage time, making sure they do not interfere with non screen activities.  Our campers do not have web access, and any phone or device with internet capabilities are not allowed in camp.   That means no snapchat, instagram, facebook, texting, what's app or even Clash Royale.

Our campers have unanimously agreed that (even though thy don't particularly like the policy) they're happier this way!