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About Nageela

Nageela is a multifaceted organization specializing in social and educational programs for Jewish children in elementary and middle school.  We do not discriminate based on race, color, personal beliefs, orientation or family structure.  Every child is welcome, as long as they are respectful of all other participants, and abide by the rules and policies of both Nageela and any partner organization or host venue.


We will not sell or otherwise provide any personal information to any organization outside of the Nageela organizations, unless specifically detailed on a registration form for a particular event. We do post photographs and videos regularly on social media, and use print material for Public relations, marketing and fundraising.  When your child attends any Nageela event, you agree to allow us to use your child's image on such print and online material.  


Mission Statement

At Nageela Joyfully Jewish Expereiences, we believe that:

A: Every Jewish child is entitled to a Jewish education, and should achieve Jewish literacy. We accomplish this through educational programs including classes, online webinars and individual study sessions.

B: Judaism needs to be presented to children on their own terms, in a meaningful, interesting way, and not necessarily in a classroom. We accomplish this through a robust menu of social and fun events, trips and parties; uniquely fun, and Jewishly themed.

C: Jewish children should be encouraged to take responsibility for the Jewish people, and, by extension, for the world.  We accomplish this through leadership training programs and Kindness initiatives.

D: Jewish children need to feel connected to the Land of Israel and our extended family residing in the Jewish homeland.  We accomplish this through Israel advocacy events, and participation in pro- Israel activities, as well as through a Jewish historic educational curriculum in many of our programs.

Policies and rules

All participants in Nageela events agree to abide by all rules and instructions provided by Nageela staff and directors.

Mutual respect and cooperation is a hallmark of all Nageela events.  All participants must treat other members with consideration and respect.  Any fighting, bullying or name calling will not be tolerated.

We pride ourselves on aspiring to high level of ethics. All language and discussions must follow appropriate guidelines.  Both foul language and inappropriate subject matter are forbidden at Nageela events, as well as crude or lewd literature, music or clothing.

Weapons of any kind are never allowed at Nageela events. Alcohol or drugs are strictly forbidden.

Some activities require physical contact between participants (eg. tag, duck, duck, goose).  Any participant who is uncomfortable with an activity may inform a staff member and may forgo that activity.  Physical contact at all other times must be kept to basic friendly gestures (eg. high five, pat on the shoulder).  Excessive physical contact (wrestling, sitting on laps, full hugs) is not permitted.  

Any violation of these rules may result in dismissal from any Nageela event, or banning from all future events, at the discretion of the directors.

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