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Camp Nageela West

Hits the Road

an exciting new travel program



In 2018, Nageela West rolled out (literally) a completely innovative Grand Tour.  See the calendar below for a a day by day account of summer 2018.




In 2019, we took it to the next level, including Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park, Biking across the Golden Gate Bridge, surfing, Sea World and so much more!

Nageela GT (Grand Tour) is a modified travel camp.  Instead of living on a conventional campus, or traveling every day, we spend 3-6 days a t a time at a local 'headquarters', as we explore local attractions. 

Grand Tour


Main Stop 1: 

Mount Rushmore/ Badlands National Park

Main Stop 2: 

Yellowstone National Park

Main Stop 3: 

Mystery.  Release Date, January 30th

Main Stop 4: 

Mystery.  Release Date Feb. 15th

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Camp Nageela West 2020 is sponsored by West Coast NCSY