What is Camp Nageela?

Camp Nageela West is a proud member of the Nageela camping network.

Camp Nageela has been a standard of excellence in Jewish camping for more than twenty years.  The Nageela philosophy includes an extreme dosage of fun, a high staff to camper ratio, and a low- pressure approach to Judaism where questions are encouraged and Judaism is experienced rather than simply studied.

Nageela West has its year round activities and programming office based in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Our business office is located in Los Angeles.  Jewish children in Las Vegas, San Diego, LA and Phoenix participate in activities throughout the year with their summer camp friends and staff members. [info on Nageela's year- round programs can be found at www.nageelawest.org]

For information on the camps in the Nageela movement, please visit them at www.nageela.org.
    Camp Nageela West maintains an extremely high staff- to- camper ratio, and is fully equipped with medical staff and follows strict safety guidelines.

  Who is the camp for?  It's a sleepaway camp, so don't send your kids too young.  Camp Nageela West begins at 9 years old, and takes campers all the way up to age 15.  The boys and girls attend separate sessions (girls from June 28th-July 16th and boys from July 18th- August 6th), to promote a low- stress atmosphere where children are most comfortable.

   Can I afford it?  Camp Nageela West is a non- profit organization, and subsidizes camp to make it affordable.  Additionally, the Foundation for Jewish Camp (onehappycamper.org) will grant a financial incentive of up to $1,000 toward camp for first time Jewish campers who have never attended a full length Jewish sleepaway camp NO MATTER WHAT SCHOOL THEY ATTEND.  $1,000 off an already affordable camp is a deal too good to pass up on.  We can also arrange payment plans.  Because we're small, we're exceptionally flexible to your personal needs.

What makes Nageela Unique?

  It's their approach to Judasim.  "Judaism isn't a subject to be learned in a classroom.  It's something to be experienced with every sense.  The food, the songs, the dancing, the images.  Kids don't need to know Hebrew, or, for that matter, anything about Judaism to thrive in Nageela.  They will leave after 3 weeks really proud that they're Jewish, and wanting to learn more about it."  Questions are encouraged and Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath is observed in a fun manner.  To quote one 12 year- old participant in a recent Nageela West event, "It reminded me why I love being Jewish."

   NageelaWest staff is available to speak to your community, temple, or neighborhood group, and to work with you to see if Camp Nageela West is the right choice for your child