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What is a Shabbaton?

A Shabbaton is a weekend sleepover.  Kind of like a slumber party with a Jewish theme.

The Shabbaton consists of delicious Shabbat meals, including singing and dancing to our original Nageela Shabbat songs; creative fun and educational games, and the opportunity to meet and socialize with other Jewish kids.  

Nageela events are staffed by our world class staff, and there's always adult supervision.

Every Shabbaton has a headquarters where the meals and activities take place.  Some events offer host hospitality, which means that groups sleep in select homes in a community, along with a chaperone.  Other events are big slumber parties in one building, on sleeping bags.

Shabbatons end with a bang- usually a trip of some sort, or exciting activity.

Signing Up...

Most events require online registration.  Please understand that with dozens of people emailing, texting and calling us, we can only rely on the information you provide in your registration form.  We try to keep these forms extremely short, and mobile friendly, to make your life easier.

Participating in any Nageela event assumes acceptance of our rules, regulations and policies.

What if I don't keep Shabbat?

Not to worry!  Many Nageela participants are rookies when it comes to Shabbat and other Jewish practices.  We keep all of our learning light and fun, we don't do ANYTHING without explaining it, and QUESTIONS ARE ALWAYS ENCOURAGED, so jump right in!


What if my child has medical or other special needs?

We're a small, personal kind of organization, and we pride ourselves on personalizing the experience of every child.  We may not be able to accommodate every need, every time, but you'd be surprised at how often we can accommodate.  Your best bet is to email or call us directly to discuss your needs with us.  We'll be honest about what we can or can't do.

What can you tell me about the LIT Weekend?

THE LIT SHABBATON is unusual as it combines both elements.  It's a two night sleepover.  The first night is host hospitality.  The second night, a big slumber party style event at Gravady!  

THE LIT SHABBATON is a coed Shabbaton.  Most of the events and activities are together.  Of course, the boys and girls sleep in different homes.


Here's the basic schedule of the weekend (subject to change):


4pm- Drop-off Shabbatoners at the HQ, and luggage at the hosts

4:30pm- Welcoming shabbat and candle lighting

5:00pm- Games, Shabbat dinner and Stump the Rabbi Live

10pm- Bedtime at hosts


9:30am- Breakfast

10:30am- Prayer workshops and games, followed by lunch and rest activity

5:00pm- Shabbat ebbing

6:00pm- Musical Havdallah

8:00pm- Dinner and Night activity

11pm- Party Bus to Gravady

Midnight- Let the party begin!


7:00am-Ice cream Breakfast/ Packup

8:00am- Pickup at Gravady

The LIT WEEKEND costs $50, and no additional money is required.

You can come for half price!  How?

If you bring a NEW Jewish friend, who has never been to a Nageela event, you BOTH come half price!

Every Nageela event earns points toward prizes, including an iPad Air that will be raffled off in June.

There will be a special raffle drawing at the end of theLIT weekend.  Everyone who has at least 100 points will be included!  

Coming to the Shabbaton gets you 50.

Bringing a new friend gets you another 50!

Packing List:

Nice Shabbat clothes 

Jacket (we will be walking at night, with projected temperatures around 40)

Head covering (boys)


Comfortable clothes for jumping Saturday night! 

Sleeping bag (pillow optional)

optional: cards, board games

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